For Post and parcel operators, whether its new machinery, vehicle fleets, aircraft or premises negotiating the right contract to give you value for money and the flexibility you need is vital.

We can supply a one off resource for a significant purchase or become your permanent mail contract negotiators who you use on those irregular occasions when you buy/lease/rent significant items.

For mail, packet and parcel posters the choice of mail and parcel operators has never been greater.

  • How do you ensure you get the best deal for your traffic?
  • What are the discriminators that really affect the price that’s paid?
  • How do you prepare your mail/parcels to ensure you get the best possible price, long term?
  • We support your team or can lead your negotiations to produce the quality and price equation that delivers an effective operation for your business.
  • Our objective is to get greater efficiency and value for money out of service procurement.

We provide valuable support for those wanting to venture into hybrid mail or post international traffic or engage in cross border trading.

Mail – Parcel Outsourcing – Franchising

The outsourcing and franchising business models continues to grow in importance. Selecting the appropriate outsourcing or franchising partner, and determining the right KPI’s are crucial to the financial returns and quality of service that will be delivered.

Contract terms are key. Recruiting those with the appropriate approach takes on a different dimension and dealing with those who do not perform needs to be speedy and effective. We have a wide experience in setting the appropriate briefs, establishing the process to recruit the right partner and performance managing for long term success.

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