PLCWW is a company of professionals, postal logistics consultants who have all worked extensively in the mail, parcel and logistics industry.

We are first and foremost experienced managers. We lead teams or programmes to deliver a set of outputs, or develop strategies to enhance market position.

We develop market based strategies and pricing regimes to maximize your returns and keep customers for the long term.

We design delivery systems that minimize vehicle running and maximize staff productivity. We identify partners and acquisitions.

PLCWW develop costing regimes that show you where costs really occur, and how to allocate costs to maximise commercial returns or minimise regulator interventions.

We know how to assess the status quo, understand business needs and develop plans that improve the supply chain. This blend of skills from mail and parcels is of specific relevance to those involved in e-fulfilment and home shopping.

Postal Advisors

Some aspects of business do not arise frequently enough so that you can become an expert in the field and your managers and teams need support to ensure they take account of all aspects before making a decision. We have  experts who can advise on many aspects of postal operations.

Examples of where our advisors work are in the fields of:

      • Postcode Utilisation
      • Address Management
      • Intelligent Mail
      • Electronic Mail Capability
      • Hybrid Mail Options
      • GIS GPS RFID
      • Hand Held
      • Data Capture Devices
      • Market Analysis
      • New Product Development
      • Postal Automation
      • Regulator Management
      • Strategic Alliance Selection
      • Mail Preparation Options
      • Postal Service Buying
      • Franchise Criteria Setting
      • Efficiency Reviews
      • Statisticians and Operational Research
      • Training

TQM is a way of working that can apply to any part of the mail and parcels industry. We have access to experienced manager who can deploy TQM principles throughout a discipline or an organisation.

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