Postal security is a critical requirement for any postal or logistics operator with an aspiration to retain and grow its customer base and to develop its reputation or brand.

It is also an area where regulators will seek assurance from national postal operators and other licensed operators in the postal market.

So whether you are an operator or a regulator PLCWW can assist you.

Security solutions cover a number of areas:

For Postal, Parcel Express and Logistics Operators

  • Operational processes
  • Staff recruitment and screening
  • Loss prevention
  • Pipeline security, e.g. airports and third party locations
  • Physical security, e.g. Building and site security
  • Vehicle and other transportation security
  • Customer, supplier and visitor security issues

For Regulators

  • Standards for USO operators
  • Standards for licensed operators
  • Measurement and diagnostics, e.g. loss and damage

We have experts who have a many years experience of developing security solutions and policies.

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