Need reducing postal costs?

We seek to reduce postal costs, production costs and vat rates whether in the UK, Channel Islands, Europe or the Far East.

Our advice extends to mailing into or out of the UK and covers the use of mailing or fulfilment houses.

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Would you like to know how to reduce postal costs for your business?

We can help in developing the supplier brief. We can undertake or support you in negotiating the deal. We can help you decide the future role of post in your business.

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5 steps to reduce your postage costs

  1. Calculate your total postage spend (mail, packets parcels; couriers)
  2. List the main suppliers & services bought and how you pay for postage
  3. Email this information to us using the form below
  4. Check out the savings and if you qualify to pay from the savings made
  5. Review every 2 years

For further help with reducing postal costs in your business, please get in touch

Our costs and charges

We will be clear whether you can or cannot save money on postage. We offer fixed fee rates and payment by results options (subject to conditions). This service to reduce postal costs is provided by PLCWW Ltd.

PLCWW have 10 years experience as a truly independent provider of postal advice.

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