Mailroom Efficiency using Mailcheck

With over 15 years of experience in optimising mailroom and mailing operations we set the standard for mailroom operations. Branded as Mailcheck, we have worked with clients in local government, universities, the finance industry, telecoms, the media and the charity sector. We evaluate the existing standard of mailroom operations for clients as well as providing consultancy to advise clients on how to improve their operations to get the best value for money from their mailroom and mailing operations.

Mailcheck is ‘The Standard’ in mailroom audits in assuring the delivery of effective and efficient mailroom management.

The only standard independent of all postal operators in the UK and the Republic of Ireland that not only shows the strengths of your current operation but identifies, (after a mailroom visit) opportunities for improvement, awards a certificate of competence related to performance ratings in 14 key areas:

  • Mailroom layout
  • Internal operating conditions
  • Mailflow Management
  • Equipment usage and efficiency
  • Inward sorting processes
  • Delivery and collection processes
  • Outward sorting processes
  • Internal management operations
  • Staff performance
  • Management control systems
  • Health and Safety
  • Mail security
  • Ecological performance
  • Operational methodology

Following an evaluation, the client is provided with a report outlining performance in each of the areas covered and is given an overall score against the industry standard. The client is then awarded an Accreditation Certificate, which confirms the standard achieved by his or her mailroom against five levels of achievement – bronze, silver, gold, diamond or platinum. The Accreditation is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. If clients chose to repeat the accreditation exercise for the subsequent year or years, he or she receives a discount on the cost of the evaluation.

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Mailcheck Plus is a step forward from Mailcheck. It not only involves a full mailroom efficiency study similar to Mailcheck but the audit is supplemented by recommendations being made for each section with a detailed report outlining how improvements can be made. Typical areas for improvement involve transport, use of couriers, productivity, frequency of collections and deliveries, and equipment.

Mailcheck Complete allows you to combine the Mailcheck mailroom audit with a review of the effectiveness with which you procure postal services, assess the appropriate role of mail in the wider communication mix of your organisation, and can also measure the efficiency with which you use courier services and internal mail runs.

The Mailcheck Range is the standard in providing assurance as to the effectiveness and efficiency of your mailroom operations irrespective of which or how many postal operators, couriers or parcel companies you use.

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